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We are proud to introduce our new racing beast: Renault Sport R.S. 01! Making its debut at the Moscow International Automobile Salon, it's the best of Renault Sport expertise & is bound to become one of the stars of World Series by Renault in the new Renault Sport Trophy championship, starting 2015, a springboard for the professional GT and Endurance championships.

Ever wondered how two competing car manufacturers could collaborate? We met up with Renault's Ali Kassai and Smart's Annette Winkler and this is how they worked together to develop a common architecture for New Twingo & the new Smart Fortwo & Forfour.

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To each era its own small Renault

For the launch of new Twingo, let’s look back at the history of small Renault cars, each one of which has successfully responded to changes in society and still holds a special place in the hearts of motorists.

Concept cars are to production vehicles what haute couture is to ready-to-wear: a wellspring of ideas and an impressive showcase of the latest trends. Welcome to the world of Renault Design.


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