Carlos Ghosn and Navi Radjou interview: viewpoints on innovation

Innovation is one of Carlos Ghosn’s priorities. It is also the core business of Navi Radjou, innovation advisor. The two men met in early 2015 to talk about innovation.

Our objective at Renault is to always innovate by bringing products and services with high versatility to the market. What dynamic to implement to succeed and how to determine the priorities?

Flashback to the Annual Mixed General Meeting 2015 which was hold on April 30, hosted by CEO Carlos Ghosn and Renault GEC members. Find out more in our 'Analysts & Investors' section.

A new brand identity for Renault

Unveiled during the last Geneva Motor Show, the new Renault brand identity is now officially launched with an evolution of our logo and a powerful new tagline that emphasizes the Renault design renewal under way since 2012. Guillaume Boisseau, Renault group's brands director, tells us more about this notable change.


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