Joining a company like Renault means joining a team of almost 122,000 employees around the world, all of them experts in their field. It also means putting your skills at the service of a single corporate strategy, in a constantly evolving sector. Through four dedicated training modules, the 1st step@Renaultgroup program guides you step by step in your first 18 months, helping you to explore and adapt to your new environment.

Phase 1: Finding out about the automotive sector and how Renault works

Those are the aims of the first step in the settling-in process, the Welcome Day training session, held within your first three months at the company. Welcome Day participants get to:

  • learn more about the major components of the Renault group
  • gain a better understanding of the automotive market
  • take a closer look at key future issues (including mobility and the environment)
  • meet other new recruits and network
  • talk to a Renault trainer

Sheet-metal worker at the Renault-Nissan plant in Chennai, India

Phase 2: Understanding Group strategy and your day-to-day contribution 

Organized after your first four or five months at Renault, the Strategy Day training session is an opportunity for you to:

  • learn the terminology of the corporate strategy
  • further your understanding of Renault’s positioning
  • get a firm grasp on the Group’s strategy, main issues and key growth areas
  • position your contribution within the Group’s strategy

Carlos Ghosn at the 7th Renault-Nissan Alliance Convention in 2014

Phase 3: Learning about the Group’s products, brands and services 

The Brand Discovery training session, generally held after your first six months at the Group, introduces you to the products and related services behind Renault’s success. The half-day session focuses on three main topics:

  • the Group’s range and competitors
  • product-related services
  • an innovative, cross-company mindset

Dacia Duster 2013

Phase 4: Identifying the keys to successful teamwork

The final touch in the 1st step@Renaultgroup program is the Working Together training session. Generally held eight months after you join the Group, the day-long session looks at cross-cutting approaches and how business lines contribute to vehicle projects. The four key focuses are:

  • the customer-focused, profit-driven organization
  • Renault’s key business lines
  • the main milestones and players in a vehicle project
  • the contribution and cross-company involvement of the business lines over the life of a vehicle

Design center for Renault Nissan in Mumbai

Venues for dialogue and networking

The modules in the 1st step@Renaultgroup program build knowledge and help to optimize performance, but are also an opportunity to meet other participants and Renault trainers. They give new recruits a chance to start networking and to gain a firm (or firmer) grasp of the advantages of cross-functional approaches and cooperation between the business lines.

Renault dealership in Wuhan, China, in 2013

Internships at plants and dealerships

At the beginning of the process, and depending on the country you work in, practical internships held alongside the first training sessions give you a hands-on understanding of the manufacturing and sales sides of the business.

1. Internship at a plant

In this three-week manufacturing internship, you get to experience shift work as a line operator. The aim is to learn the ins and outs of an automotive plant, finding out more about its businesses, manufacturing processes and day-to-day issues, including production, quality, and work organization.

2. Internship at a dealership

This one-week internship introduces you to the sales and repairs businesses. The objective here is to understand the economics of dealerships, the resources they require to remain profitable and their contribution to the company’s performance. It is a great opportunity to meet Renault customers (and their expectations) and to deepen your understanding of customer loyalty and service quality.