“Zero defect”: Design Project Leader and Customer Performance Leader.

Let’s meet the Renault Design Center to discover two jobs which turn passion into seductive and attractive vehicles.


Paula is a designer at Renault Design, near Paris. She is in charge of developing cars for international markets, or what Renault calls its "entry program" (which includes cars like Duster).


Mickael works in the Perceived Quality department. His job entails working towards the zero-defect car.

100% Embedded Architect and Commodity Buyer.

In the heart of Renault Technocentre, discover two key jobs which will produce tomorrow’s cars. Even more autonomous and more connected.


Sylvain in an engineer, specialized in car architecture (systems integration) for innovative projets, like Next Two. His role was to adapt the electronics and electric part of Next Two to make it an autonomous and connected car prototype.


Sabrina works in purchasing and buys multimedia elements you find in Renault cars: Bluetooth, 3G connectivity, "man-machine" dashboards...