Because motivated employees who feel fulfilled at work contribute more effectively to the company’s performance and growth, we set great store in supporting our employees’ motivation. To that end, we formally define the role of managers – a key factor in staff motivation – and ensure pleasant working conditions in all countries.

With high-quality management through Renault Management Way

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Renault has a Group-wide management process, called Renault Management Way. Designed by the Group Executive Committee in 2009, the process defines the roles, rules of conduct and attitudes expected of the Group’s managers.

The aim is to improve management quality and employee engagement by ensuring that the same set of rules on management and behavior in the company is shared, owned and applied everywhere in the world.

Renault Management Way is a customer-focused, profit-driven management style, supported by motivated employees.

For staff, a manager must be a leader (applying strategy and knowing how to delegate), a coach (supporting staff) and a mentor (guiding staff). The manager adheres to rules of behavior based on the values of loyalty, transparency, openness and diversity.

To ensure high-quality management, Renault commissions an independent international consultancy to measure the commitment of employees and their perception of management through regular surveys.

By offering a rewarding working environment

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The global framework on the working environment, introduced in 2012, aims to make Renault a place where quality of life at work is recognized by employees all over the world, and supports the company’s overall, long-term performance.

The framework has four focuses:

  • environment and work spaces: accessibility, travel, collaborative tools, locations
  • work/life balance: remote working, meetings, employee services
  • management and engagement: participation, recognition and team spirit
  • health and well-being: cross-cultural exchanges, belonging to the Group, atmosphere