When you access a Renault group website, it may install (if you have agreed to this), cookies or other similar code on your computer (or pad, or other device), for purposes that may include advertising or statistical analysis.

A cookie is a file loaded by a website server on the user's terminal (computer, pad, etc.) via the web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.), for subsequent access by the server when code (in the form of tags) is triggered on the website. Cookies therefore enable the website (or online service) to identify the user's terminal, and this applies throughout the cookie's lifespan on the terminal. This lifespan cannot be prolonged or renewed by simply visiting the website again.

The word “cookie” has become a generic term, which today extends to a number of similar or related mechanisms, including Flash cookies, web bugs (or web beacons), and non-intrusive terminal identification (or “fingerprinting”).

Renault group websites use cookies for several purposes:

  • Website operation cookies
  • Website performance and analysis cookies
  • Social network cookies
  • Advertising cookies

1. Settings for cookies

You can set the way your web browser handles the cookies used by Renault group websites:

Our websites will use cookies (as regards write and/or read access) as authorized by the settings you save on your browser. Any cookies loaded on your terminal before you change the settings will stay there, though you can also use your browser settings to remove all existing cookies.

You should realize that we use a cookie to store your cookie preferences. This has two important implications:

  1. If you delete all your cookies, you will need to reset your cookie settings.
  2. If you use a different terminal, user profile or browser, you will need to reset your cookie settings.

Effects of disabling cookies


If you decline cookies on your terminal, or if you delete existing cookies, this will disable certain features that are needed for browsing certain sections of Renault group websites. For example, if you have previously identified yourself for the purposes of accessing certain content or services, you will no longer be recognized when you attempt to access this content or these services again. Similarly, our (or our partners') websites may no longer be able to identify technical data concerning your browser, such as language or country settings.
If you disable or delete its cookies, the Renault group will take no responsibility for any consequences of deteriorated operation of services resulting from failure to set or access the cookies it needs for website operation.

2. Website operation cookies

Website operation cookies enable you to browse the site properly and use features such as secure site sections, shopping baskets and invoice pages. These cookies do not gather information for marketing or targeting purposes.

We use these cookies for the following purposes:

  • To adjust website presentation to your terminal settings: 
    • language
    • screen resolution
    • operating system
  • To store information that you enter in forms on Renault group websites (registration or access to members' sections) 
  • To enable you to access personal sections on a website, such as members' sections, by recognition of your user ID or other data that you have entered beforehand
  • To implement security measures, as when the website asks you to connect to your member's section after a certain time
  • To store details on goods or services ordered, through to the final confirmation page



To use our website, you will need to accept these cookies. If you disable these cookies, the website will not be able to operate properly on your terminal.

3. Performance and analysis cookies

This website uses Google Analytics, a website analysis service provided by Google Inc. (Google). Google Analytics uses cookies to help the website analyse the way people use it. The data generated by these cookies (including your IP address) on how you use the site is stored by Google on servers located in the USA, and is used to analyse website use, to compile website activity reports for the website publisher, and to provide other services concerning site activity and internet use. More information on the Google Analytics service is available on the page http://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html.

Performance and analysis cookies are used to collect information on how our users use the website. For example, they tell us how many people visit each page, and for how long, and how many error messages are generated.

We use these cookies for the following purposes:

  • To produce statistics on Renault group website audiences and usage patterns (sections, content, click sequences), with a view to improving the interest and ergonomics of the services we offer 
  • To measure the efficacy of our marketing campaigns and determine which pages attract the most interest 
  • To inform partners on our visitors who have also visited their websites. (This helps our partners improve their websites, but partners are not allowed to use the information we provide for advertising purposes.)
  • To test specific features

4. Social network cookies 

Social network cookies are set by third-party services when users click on buttons such as “Like” or “Share”. They are used to offer services or to store share preferences with social networks.

We use these cookies for the following purposes:

  • To set up links with social networks such as Facebook 
  • To enable you to identify yourself on social networks, if the share option is enabled

In some cases, these cookies can be set by third parties on our behalf, but third parties are not allowed to use them for purposes other than the above. You can choose to accept or decline these cookies, but if you decline them you will not be able to use certain social network interaction functions.

5. Advertising cookies

Third-party advertising cookies are set by servers other than those serving the website you are visiting. So a third-party cookie set from a Renault website is not actually set by Renault. Most third-party cookies are used by media space management agencies, for tracking usage patterns across a network of websites. Specifically, any website in the network will recognize which other websites a given user has visited. These cookies are set and accessed by means of tags triggered on the pages of each website in the network.

We use these cookies for the following purposes:

  • To adjust our marketing and advertising, which means you are less likely to be addressed by products and services you are not interested in 
  • To provide media space management agencies with information enabling them to address you with the most relevant advertising possible, i.e. on the products and services most likely to interest you

If you disable this kind of cookie, you will prevent the collection of information used for improving advertising targeting.

6. Special cases

Flash© cookies set by Adobe Flash Player™

Adobe Flash Player™ is an application used for rapid development of dynamic content in Flash computer language. Flash (and similar) applications store content settings, preferences and usage patterns using technology similar to that of cookies, though Adobe Flash Player™ manages this information, and your settings, via an interface different from that provided by your web browser. If your terminal is able to view content developed in Flash language and you wish to adjust the Flash cookie management settings, you can do this directly on the website http://www.adobe.com/.