On Saturday 13th September, electric racing came of age. As the streets of Beijing echoed with whining engines, squealing tyres, and roaring fans, Renault driver Nicolas Prost dominated until the final lap…

This ultra-low fuel consumption prototype includes a very high number of technological advances that are destined to be carried over gradually to Renault cars. Here, weight reduction, aerodynamic efficiency and hybridisation were explored with a common objective: developing realistic and affordable solutions. Meet EOLAB, the basis for the design of future Renault vehicles.

This year, gondolas of Venice have been replaced by Renault cars! For the first time, Renault was the main sponsor of the famous international film festival of the city. During 10 days, a fleet of Espace, Latitude and New Twingo made their debut on the red carpet.

Discover the the colourful adventure of New Twingo in its last advertising campaign designed by Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas

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