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Groupe Renault - il y a 3 jours

Electric vehicles not only receive electricity... they can also give it back! ⚡ With our large-scale vehicle-to-grid projects 🔄 , we aim to develop renewable energy and to reduce charging costs to keep on being at the forefront of electric mobility! Learn more ➡️

Groupe Renault - il y a 4 jours

Join us to discover how cars fit into a connected world in this episode of A Drive With 🎧

il y a 2 jours

#TwizyContest | The French students from @SUPMECA will be facing stiff competition for the International Final in O…

il y a 2 jours

#TwizyContest | 1st Place went to: SUPTWIZY team from @SUPMECA Engineering school with their challenging idea to ge…

Groupe Renault - il y a 6 jours

“Industry 4.0 is like the 4G of the factory” At the occasion of the Industry Week, we are hosting a special event. Take a quick look at the main digital innovations taking place in our plants all around the world… And if you want to learn more about the Future of Industry, we have something special for you: