Une architecte : au service du design
Une architecte : au service du design

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Groupe Renault - il y a 4 jours

#RenaultEZGO is more than just a #ConceptCar. It's also a shared, multifunction and ultra-connected service & robo-vehicle. Designed to transport up to 6 passengers, its access is facilitated by the large front opening. Our vision

Groupe Renault - il y a 6 jours

#RenaultEZGO's exterior design and tree-lined stations are conceived to blend beautifully into the cityscape. From the inside, its architecture feels like your traveling with a window onto the city...how cool is that?! 😎 #autonomousdriving

il y a 23 heures

What an electric story! Last week, we celebrate the 100,000th #RenaultZOE produced in Flins (France) ⚡️👏 As the bes… https://t.co/WzxgcWfLLz

Groupe Renault - il y a 1 semaine

We believe in electric mobility. #RenaultEZGO embodies our vision. Using intelligent 2nd-life battery, your future transporation means will be respectful, silent and pollution free system. ⚡️🔋 #autonomousdriving

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