Groupe Renault

A Re-Factory in Flins

The Group creates Europe's first circular economy factory dedicated to mobility.This project is unprecedented in the industry.

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2 days ago

Pionner of the #CircularEconomy & sustainable #mobility, Groupe Renault continues to innovate. Our CEO and Chairman @jdsenard announced the creation of the RE-FACTORY, a competitive industrial...

2 days ago

The Renault Fins Factory is moving the automotive industry: 🕑 By extending the life of vehicles ⚡ By giving a second life to our batteries ♻ By optimizing the life cycle of materials and...

2 days ago

What if we opened a new path to more sustainable mobility? With our new project "The Re-Factory Flins" we are launching Europe’s leading circular economy factory dedicated to mobility, with a...

3 days ago

During #RenaultEWAYS, @manuellaccb, @GoodTechLab co-founder, shared her vision of mobility! #Tech has a decisive role to address the challenges of #sustainable development🌿 Discover her keynote...