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Renault ZOE Cab, a car-on-demand service

On the Paris-Saclay urban campus, a car-on-demand service using all-electric autonomous Renault ZOE Cab prototype vehicles will be provided. People travelling to the campus by public transportation can then use it to freely move around the site. The purpose of the Paris-Saclay Autonomous Lab project is to devise and test different smart, autonomous, electric and shared public and private mobility services.

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Renault EZ-POD is a small, autonomous, connected and electric robo-vehicle, designed to transport people and goods over short distances. Like electric scooters (for which the regulations are still evolving) or the bicycle, Renault EZ-POD is a micro-mobility solution. With the Renault EZ-POD’s limited speed, compact design, and agility, it can provide transportation within pedestrianized environments like airports, car parks and shopping centres, where it will be trialled in dedicated zones.

EZ-FLEX is an initial experiment with La Poste Group

Renault EZ-FLEX, revealed in April 2019, is an experimental, electric and connected light commercial vehicle that is compact and easy to handle and features a modular rear design. At the Viva Tech show, Groupe Renault announced an initial experiment with La Poste Group of its Renault EZ-FLEX light commercial vehicle. The aim is to forge a better understanding of future urban delivery practices.

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