As part of its international development, Renault recently upgraded its appraisal, recognition and compensation system, Talent@Renault, to make it more global, fair and competitive. The aim is to recognize and reward employees for their contribution to the company’s performance, using the same criteria worldwide.

Recognizing performance is central to the remuneration policy

Production of Renault Master at the plant in Curitiba, Brazil

Fixed salaries have been revised to achieve more consistency between individual performance, level of responsibility and pay. Salaries are regularly reviewed to take account of the employee’s job performance and the market.
Performance is also acknowledged through variable pay, rewarding the dedication of managers – as well as technicians and supervisors in France – and their results.

Performance assessment: collegial review, shared criteria, and dialogue

Performance assessments are based on dialogue between managers and employees at the annual performance appraisal. The employee’s job performance is assessed on the basis of precise criteria used Group-wide. The manager’s appraisal is always extended by a collegial review, to ensure consistency and fairness within the company.                                                                                                                                                                      

Having everyone share in the Group’s results

As well as individual performance, the Group rewards the performance of its employees through a profit-sharing agreement, where local regulations allow. Under the agreement, comprising a bonus based on the Group’s financial results and a bonus based on the local performance of each entity, employees get to share in the success of the Group and their company entity. 

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