In an industry that demands wide-ranging know-how, a high level of expertise and the ability to keep pace with technological progress, your skills are key to our competitive edge. Let’s take a look at how Renault helps you continue developing your skills throughout your career.

HR policy adapted to challenges in the automotive industry  

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Developing employability  

Renault has led a Dynamic Skills Management (DSM) policy for a number of years. The aim is to take a forward-looking approach to the professional skills vital to maintaining the Group’s competitive edge at global level and to translate these needs into relevant action plans, by implementing training, recruitment and professional retraining plans as well as strengthening and maintaining acquired skills at a requisite level. The DSM policy helps you to take a proactive role in your career and enhance your employability by giving you clear visibility of possible career paths and trends in employment, professions and qualifications.

Policy backed by the FMJS agreement in France  

On February 4, 2011 the DSM policy in France was backed by the signature of an agreement on the Forward-Looking Management of Jobs and Skills by Renault and the four trade unions, CFDT, CFE-CGC, CFTC, and FO. The agreement includes a number of measures on training, professional mobility and support for staff throughout their careers, the aim being to match the employability of personnel to the company’s future professional needs. 

Individual career management  

The annual performance review between employees and managers is a key event. It enables you to conduct the discussions that will be essential to the development of your career. In particular, it is an opportunity to set the targets you will be expected to reach in the short and long term, and also to review the tasks that you are expected to carry out and the skills required to do so. The annual performance review is also an opportunity to set out your ambitions concerning the development of your career or a possible move towards another business function or sector. It is the best time to establish an individual skills development plan.

Expert technical training  

Renault is committed to enabling all employees, regardless of age, job or place of work, to gain access throughout their careers to the knowledge necessary to carry out their work and fulfill their professional ambitions. To that end, the Group has deployed expert business function schools at each site, providing in-house training reflecting individual skills needs (manufacturing, logistics, quality, engineering, IT, HR, etc.). This training by business function is recognized both for its quality and for the skills and commitment of the facilitators. Alongside this approach, other initiatives with a more individual focus provide employees with training in personal development or the acquisition of linguistic or cross-cutting skills.

Management: training informed by Renault Management Way  

As set out in Renault Management Way, the role of managers is to roll out Renault strategy, delegate, support employees in their professional development, and guide them on toward the future and progress. Besides training designed to help staff achieve those goals, the Group’s countries and regions regularly organize training courses commensurate with managers’ responsibility levels.

Mobility policy adapted to all needs  

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Internal mobility is central to Renault’s HR policy. The objective is to provide all the men and women at the Group with the resources for renewing and broadening their skills and responsibilities while strengthening synergies between, functions and sectors. For employees, the policy on internal mobility is a chance to work in an international environment, for example as part of overseas assignments or through positions in other regions or another country for several years.
Professional transfers can be made within the Renault-Nissan Alliance, generating synergies and best practices in the Alliance. At the same time, Renault also encourages external mobility. Employees are able to strengthen and diversify their skills through external professional experience, either temporary or definitive, while maintaining the possibility to rejoin a Renault team.

Professional mobility: a personal approach  

Employees take a proactive role in their professional mobility, supported by their manager, who helps them to choose their career direction and finalize and prepare their mobility project. Employees are free to voice these ideas at the annual performance reviews. They can prepare transfer requests at any moment by checking job offers and getting in touch with Group managers on the internal site, Talent@Renault.