Based on values that apply across the Group, the policy on quality of life at work supports Renault’s international expansion along with any changes in the workforce and manufacturing processes.

Working conditions

Working environment

Renault firmly believes that continuous improvement to the working environment is a factor in employee motivation and contributes to the company’s long-term performance.

Pitesti Dacia plant

The framework agreement has four main focuses:

  • environment and work spaces: accessibility, travel, collaborative tools, locations
  • work/life balance: remote working, meetings, employee services
  • management and engagement: participation, recognition and team spirit
  • health and well-being: cross-cultural exchanges, belonging to the Group, atmosphere.

Risk and accident prevention

The framework has been implemented in all the countries where Renault operates. Each country assesses all the items in the framework and identifies and selects the priorities that reflect local needs.

To ensure proper account is taken of the human factor before projects start, the workplace health, safety and environment services are always involved. Regarding stress management in particular, the Group has rolled out a system including training on the identification of individuals at risk. To prevent workplace accidents at its manufacturing pants, Renault has a method to assess the ergonomics of workstations.

Work/personal life balance

Famille en Renault Mégane

Renault allows for flexibility in working hours by seeking the best balance between the interests of the company and the quality of life of employees. For example, Business Centers have been set up at a growing number of sites, providing an Internet connection, computers and work spaces for employees who want to reduce the amount they travel between sites.

In another example, employees whose jobs permit can work some of the time from home, between one and four days a week.

A common commitment to working together

Renault Way 

Renault Way sets out seven main rules on “being” and “behaving” in the company, to be followed on a daily basis.

Team work at Renault Samsung Motors

Being :

  • be involved
  • trust others and earn their trust
  • care
  • be open

Behaving :

  • adopt a simple and efficient approach in your day-to-day work
  • offer ideas
  • apply decisions

More than a code of conduct… a common commitment 

Each one of us contributes to Renault Way, regardless of our individual roles at the Group. Applying Renault Way helps us:

  • be consistent through shared rules
  • work in a cooperative, caring spirit with co-workers and other teams
  • be happier at work, by always thinking of and applying fundamentals
  • improve in order to perform better…