This video shows the richness of path careers in three sectors of Renault Group’s engineering, which are Expertise, Functions and Projects. Nadine Leclair, SVP, Expert Fellow, explains the challenges of these 3 sectors and how each works with the other two. Nathalie Stekelorom, Expert Leader Aerodynamics & Thermal, Pablo Fernandez-Santos, Caisse Department head in white & Structure and Idiesse Kokuvi, Project ranges C & D  testify to their personal experiences and their career path within those sectors.

A 100% committed architect


An electrical and electronics design engineer talks about what his job involves. Sylvain is working on development of an autonomous vehicle that drives itself up to speeds of 30 km/h, in total safety, and offers very advanced on-board connectivity. This dual challenge requires close coordination across all the technical teams involved.

A communicative radio buyer


A buyer talks about what her job involves. In a nutshell, Sabrina interfaces between engineering, projects and suppliers. Her tasks cover a broad scope: negotiating purchasing costs, managing supplier performance on manufacturing processes, overseeing quality, and optimizing product technical content. The job is both stimulating and challenging, especially given the multi-cultural business environment of the Renault-Nissan Purchasing Organisation.

A flawless Quality expert


A “perceived quality” specialist talks about what his job involves. Mickael's engineering duties are focused squarely on customer perception. Early-stage operations involve determining the interior and exterior equipment that will contribute to conveying a strong impression of quality, while late-stage operations focus on identifying and correcting what customers might perceive as defects or shortcomings.

A workshop manager seeking quality in real time

El Houssaine

A workshop manager in the assembly department of the Flins plant in France talks about what his job involves. El Houssaine manages the workshop's three teams and oversees  performance factors —quality, costs and leadtimes— in what is the last stage in the production process, just before the cars roll out of the factory. To address the workshop's considerable day-to-day challenges, which typically include catching up production delays and correcting quality drift in realtime, he will regularly call upon his teams to come up with fresh, workable solutions. It's a demanding yet rewarding job.

An engineer and doctor… in materials


A chemist and materials engineer in electrical and electronic systems talks about what her job involves. This fast-moving field is growing in importance with the demand for electric power and vehicle connectivity. Florence examines, analyses and validates new materials (everything from hard and soft magnetic materials to insulating polymers) for vehicle electrical components, consistent with Renault's and Nissan's demanding requirements.

A very hands-on Marketing Deputy Manager


A marketing director for Renault's top-end models, talks about what his job involves. Frano addresses engineers, designers, buyers, and salespeople, contributing a market-side vision to ensure that his product line's genetic make-up is attuned to customer expectations and capable of adjusting to the specific characteristics of different world markets. This is an eminently multicultural and customer-oriented job function.

A very real engineer in a virtual world


A simulations engineer talks about what his job involves. Hakim and his team develop immersive virtual environments using highly sophisticated technologies. This is a multidisciplinary field of booming importance, promising major cost reductions and time savings in vehicle project development. Virtual validation of aspects such as field of vision or control ergonomics is a reality with a very bright future.

A fully connected manager


A business-to-business connected services manager talks about what his job involves. To invent tomorrow's services, Olivier imagines the ways in which information from on-board telematic systems might be usefully implemented in the future. Applying skills that span technology and human relations, he addresses companies with proposals for advanced vehicle fleet management solutions capable of reducing their operating costs. The development of pioneering connected services holds considerable challenges for the future.


A leading engineer in cost reduction


An engineer in the world of figures and finance talks about what her job involves. Tatjana manages a team of cost analysis experts spanning the world from Brazil to India. Her mission is to challenge teams throughout the company to design and purchase vehicle parts at optimum cost conditions, and thereby ensure the economic viability of our projects. It's an exciting task at the crossroads between three cultures: Renault, Nissan, and their Indian and Brazilian engineering teams.

A very design-conscious and international project manager


A design project manager talks about what her job involves. Paula's the interface between the design process and all the other people working on the project, harnessing skill and passion to the purpose of producing attractive, appealing vehicles. Her job covers design in both its aesthetic and engineering aspects, accommodating manufacturing constraints as well as stylistic intent.