Choosing to work for Renault means joining a company with more than 115 years of history, an innovative, international company that is proud of its French roots and whose employees are driven by their shared passion for cars.

A GLOBAL company

Renault Nissan shift work in Chennai in India

Our Alliance with Nissan and our expansion into new markets demonstrate the global reach of our Group.

Renault, a multi-brand international group, sold more than 3,2 million vehicles in 127 countries in 2016. It employs over 120,000 people and manufactures vehicles and powertrain components at its 36 production sites. Since it was founded in 1898, Renault has been the most consistently innovative carmaker in automotive history.

Joining Renault means choosing to work in an international environment and working hand in hand with our subsidiaries and partners around the world.

Innovation is in our genes

Initiale Paris with its Paris-map roof

In 2012, Boston Consulting Group ranked Renault as one of the 50 most innovative companies in the world and as the most innovative French company.

Our capacity for innovation, in products, technology and business models, is a major asset for Renault, as seen in the Group’s investment in zero-emission vehicles, the Renault-Nissan Alliance and the partnership with Daimler.

Employees passionate about their work

The passion that drives our teams

From design and manufacturing to marketing, our teams work on mobility for tomorrow and the vehicles of the future. They all share a passion for cars and its challenges.

The one millionth Duster rolls off the assembly lines in Curitiba, Brazil in 2014

Motivated employees 

At Renault, the level of motivation of Group employees – i.e. the company’s ability to inspire enthusiasm in its employees, to make them want to come to work and give their best – is high, 74%, which is a whole percentage point above the average across leading companies. The employee motivation indicator is 6 points higher than the global standard. Pride in working for the Renault group (82%, or 4 points higher than the global standard) and the motivation to go the extra mile for their company (82%, or 13 points higher than the global standard) continue to be strong points for the Group.

Renault group employee survey 2013

The survey, conducted by Hay Group, shows Renault where it stands relative to the “Hay standard” based on the findings of a benchmark panel of hundreds of companies. The survey’s 26 questions determine two indicators: engagement and enablement (having everything you need to get the job done) and management quality. The survey tells Renault how its employees feel at a given moment and, above all, helps the Group make progress.