It is our conviction that the company’s men and women are our most important asset. They are a key factor in the company’s performance. That’s why our management of human resources is based on the fair treatment of all employees and designed to increase their commitment and motivation. Our main challenges in human resources management today are :

Preparing to meet tomorrow’s challenges

With our business becoming more international and the automotive industry in a state of flux, a dynamic approach to skills management is a key part of our HR policy.

Promoting diversity

Renault’s diversity policy is focused on four main issues: gender, disability, age and origin. Actions are targeted at two key objectives: the development of employees, with the recognition that each one is unique, and the improvement of the company’s performance, by capitalizing on a broad range of talents.

Keeping employees motivated

Employees who find their work motivating and fulfilling contribute more effectively to the company’s performance and development. That is why we make a special effort to keep them motivated.