In line with its commitment to sustainable mobility for all, in mid-2012 the Renault group launched a program of social entrepreneurship to help remove the mobility obstacles preventing low-income jobseekers from accessing employment.

The program, developed in cooperation with partners from the charity sector, academia and public organizations, has three components :

  • Renault Socially Responsible Garages: these garages in the Renault network volunteer to provide beneficiaries of the Renault Mobiliz program with a range of quality products and services at cost price. People on low incomes can buy a car or have their car repaired at a Renault Socially Responsible Garage.

  • Mobiliz Invest s.a.s: this investment firm provides financing for businesses that offer innovative mobility solutions to improve the quality of life for socio-economically disadvantaged people.

  • Renault sponsors the Business & Poverty Chair at HEC business school in Paris and participates in the Business and Poverty Action Tank, which seeks to contribute to a more inclusive society that creates more economic and societal value.

Mobility, a factor in economic and social integration

In France, more than 8.7 million people are living below the poverty line. Since the 2008 crisis, people previously doing well have found themselves in hardship.


People on very low incomes find it hard to get from A to B, which can become a factor in their exclusion. Mobility is one of the three main obstacles to employment, alongside age and skills.


Most jobseekers live outside city centers. They are therefore more dependent on having a car, but have less access to one. One in every two jobseekers reports having turned down a job owing to mobility-related reasons.

Renault Mobiliz Socially Responsible Garages

Renault and its network help to provide people in difficulty with automobile transport solutions.

Mobiliz Invest

Mobiliz Invest finances innovative companies working on access to transport for the underprivileged.

The Enterprise & Poverty chair at HEC Business school

Renault sponsors the Enterprise & Poverty chair at the HEC business school.

Privileged partnerships