Safety is an integral part of mobility. As a carmaker, our aim is to make the road a safer place. That’s why we commit with motorists and public authorities to promoting safe driving and why we respect the most stringent safety standards in the production of our vehicles.

Road safety, a public health issue around the world

According to the World Health Organization, every year some 1.24 million people are killed and over 25 million injured in road accidents. As a carmaker, we are mindful of our share of responsibility and are committed to improving road safety:

  • Through our products: by equipping our cars with solutions to protect passengers and other at-risk individuals, including pedestrians and people using two-wheeler transport.

    New technology is used to remind the driver to be responsible (e.g. seatbelt warning), warn the driver of risks (e.g. tire pressure monitoring system), give the driver maximum awareness of driving conditions (e.g. automatic headlight activation), enhance the driver's concentration (e.g. speed limiter).

    When unforeseen events arise, the driver is at risk of losing control of the vehicle. Correction systems, such as anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic braking system (EBS) and electronic stability control (ESC), help drivers remain in control.

  • In society: by playing an active role with public authorities, organizations and the world of education in improving road safety. Renault also supports harmonizing speed limits in Europe and driver education.

    Human error is behind more than 80% of road accidents. That's why Renault is involved in awareness-raising activities for all audiences in all the countries where it operates.

How to prevent accidents ?

Our road safety initiatives cover all of the aspects involved in road accidents.

CSR Report

Raising awareness: to change the behavior of road users in the long term

The Safety and Mobility for All awareness-raising program


Because the right behavior is acquired from the youngest age, we introduced the international Safety and Mobility for All program, which mainly addresses children and teenagers. Launched in 2000, the program has already raised the awareness of over 15 million young people, with the distribution of nearly 800,000 educational resources. Currently rolled out in 15 countries, it is the largest worldwide road safety awareness program ever carried out by a carmaker.

Find out more at the Safety and Mobility for All website

The Multidisciplinary Chair for Road Safety Management in Beirut

In a part of the world where the road accident mortality rate is twice that in Europe, the Renault Foundation has developed a Chair for Road Safety Management, hosting a research center and organizing a trilingual and multidisciplinary Masters diploma in road safety, lasting 18 months. In five years, nearly 150 people will be trained to become road safety experts.  

Find out more at the Renault Foundation website

Preventive: to help drivers anticipate risks and understand their limits

A special safety and eco-driving circuit

The Renault track in Normandy

Renault has a venue dedicated to training on safe and responsible driving, “The Renault track, the right track”, in Saint-Just in France. Open to individuals and companies, the track is equipped with a fleet of Renault vehicles, electric and internal combustion-engined, some of them fitted with driving aids for people with reduced mobility. The site, a true campus dedicated to safety, will also host students from Aix-Marseille University preparing their diplomas in the Management of Corporate Road Risk.

Find out more at the website

Corrective: offsetting driver mistakes with driving aid technologies

Our aim is to bring sophisticated technology within everybody’s reach. For exemple, Renault was one of the first vehicle manufacturers to introduce the Visio System® on the C segment in 2012.This system was formerly reserved for premium vehicles. And we have one of the widest ranges of driving control systems on the market including: ABS, ESC, ASR or the 4Control system.

Protection: the best possible safety for passengers


15 vehicles in our range have scored five EuroNCAP stars

ZOE scored five EuroNCAP stars

The European body EuroNCAP assesses the protective capacities of vehicles in crash tests. The top score of five stars has been awarded to 15 vehicles in our range.

Emergency services: helping the emergency services in their accident work

Training the emergency services

One of the Group’s main focuses in road safety is helping the emergency services in their accident work on Renault vehicles. Renault has organized a number of initiatives to favor the protection of customers involved in a road accident and improve the efficiency of the emergency services, including training on accident work with electric vehicles, the supply of vehicles so that firefighters can train using new models, and the creation of a rescue code (a QR code stickers that contains valuable technical information enabling fire fighters to intervene)