The Renault Foundation, set up in 2001, supports young talents all over the word, helping them onward in a multicultural world. The Foundation coordinates and finances educational and high-level research programs with a view to fostering sharing between cultures and developing dialogue between France, Europe and our other operating countries. The Renault Foundations in Brazil, Spain and Argentina work at local level.

The Renault Foundation

The Renault Foundation, formed in 2001, exemplifies Renault's involvement in higher education. It develops and supports innovative training programmes in three fields: multicultural management, road safety management and sustainable transport.

In 2016, the Renault Foundation is celebrating its fifteenth birthday. Since 2001 it has provided guidance and support for 950 students of 35 nationalities.

L'Instituto Renault do Brasil 

Renault’s Foundation in Brazil, created in late 2010, hosts all of the social and environmental initiatives rolled out by Renault in the country. Instituto do Brasil focuses on four main areas: education, community development, road safety awareness, and environmental protection. These initiatives are for the largest part implemented in areas where Renault is present.

Renault Argentina Foundation

The Renault Argentina Foundation has for 50 years been supporting programs in a range of fields, including humanitarian causes, education, health, road safety and the environment. 

Renault Spain Foundation

The Renault Spain Foundation, founded in 1963, finances scholarships for the children of Group employees in Spain. 

The Renault Foundation for Sustainable Mobility is part of the Group’s corporate social responsibility policy, aimed at informing and educating the public on sustainable mobility and encouraging research in the field.