Renault and its subsidiaries lead numerous sponsorship initiatives around the world in the fields of education, diversity, road safety and sustainable mobility, among others. In 2013 our Group launched nearly 330 community-minded actions in 36 countries.

Submitting a proposal 

Projects should tie in with the Renault group’s CSR policy and its four main themes:

  • education
  • diversity
  • road safety
  • mobility  

      The following criteria are used when assessing your application: 

      • consistency with the Group’s identity and values 
      • original approach to the issue  
      • project feasibility and impact measurement  
      • local presence

          The application process 

          Register on the website  

          All project applications are submitted using a special form.

          Fill in and send the form. You will receive a notification email

          Initial assessment by the Corporate Social Responsibility Department (DRSE)

          The CSR team evaluates the applications and establishes a shortlist.  

          You will receive an email on the status of your application at this point. 

          Meetings with shortlisted applicants

          If your project is shortlisted, a member of the CSR team will contact you to arrange a meeting. The viability, credibility and quality of your project will be assessed during the meeting, before being submitted to the Internal Selection Committee. 

          Presentation to the committee

          The applications are reviewed by the members of the Internal Selection Committee, which meets two or three times a year (in April, July and November). The length of the process is determined by the date on which you submit your proposal.

          You will receive an email informing you that your project has been rejected or selected.