Oliver Faust, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Managing Director of the Renault Foundation, explains Renault’s CSR vision to us.

Oliver Faust, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility


Being responsible means addressing the issues and expectations of a society in flux while earning the profits needed to ensure our company’s future. That’s why we need to understand the aspirations and expectations of citizens, our customers and our employees, as well as those of public authorities and investors regarding a carmaker like Renault – a company generating more than 120,000 jobs in 128 countries.

What are the priority actions for Renault ?

The automobile is an individual means of transport that is crucial to economic development and social unity. In cities and rural areas alike, the ability to move about freely is essential. The automobile’s success in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries has come hand in hand with negative impacts including traffic jams, noise, and air pollution. Our responsibility is to reduce or even eliminate those effects. For the automobile to remain a source of progress for everyone, we have made sustainable mobility a cornerstone of our approach.

How is the “human” dimension taken into consideration in a group KNOWN as a pioneer in social progress ?

We have a number of challenges, including developing the skills needed to design, manufacture, and sell tomorrow’s vehicles, attracting the most talented people to work for us, and reflecting the diversity of our customers and markets in our teams. The automotive industry is losing its appeal in some countries. Which is why our main challenge is maintaining a unified workforce while making the company more competitive in dissimilar markets.