Our approach to social, societal and environmental responsibility is aimed first at reducing our environmental footprint and using natural resources in a reasonable manner. But it does not stop there. As an automobile manufacturer, we give great importance to the health of people on the road, to the residents of our communities, and to our employees. The development of skills and the notion of equal opportunity based on merit are central values for us and testify to our determination to live up to society’s expectations.

Indian car buyers in front of Fluence at Chennai, India

Our vision 

Mobility is essential to economic development and the creation of social bonds. It is a source of freedom and pleasure as well as a practical necessity and a means of integrating society. But it can result in accidents and have an impact on health and the environment, two major global issues.

Our industry assumes its share of responsibility in harnessing mobility so as to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Our challenge as a responsible carmaker and pioneer in sustainable mobility for all is to develop broadly affordable mobility offers, create innovative technologies such as zero-emission electric vehicles, and see that raw materials and energy are used frugally.

It also involves helping to change behavior and usages. And last, it requires inventing the right business models to contribute to the company’s long-term success and the creation of added value for our stakeholders.

Because a company is first and foremost a group of skilled and motivated men and women, who are the source of its competitiveness, Renault is highly attentive to the development of this human capital.

At the company and in our operating regions, we support actions to promote education and diversity, which are the most powerful drivers of performance as well as individual and collective development. Contributing to greater social equality and improved skills for everyone, these initiatives are carried out through institutions of higher learning and, for young people, through our Foundations.

Our goals

In accordance with our priorities and values, we have set seven goals consistent with the most demanding international CSR standards*:

  • Ensure strict adherence to the Code of Ethics at all levels and the application of fair practices in our business dealings; see that our suppliers are committed to CSR
  • Create motivating working conditions that respect human rights and well-being so as to attract and develop employees in all our countries; promote diversity and equal opportunity
  • Improve employability by developing skills that will be needed in the future
  • Reduce the environmental footprint with each new vehicle generation over the entire vehicle life cycle, by applying the principles of the circular economy in our processes, products and services
  • Contribute to public health objectives: bring down the fatality rate on the roads, especially in developing countries; protect the health of employees, vehicle users and the community
  • Propose innovative and broadly affordable mobility products and services
  • Support sustainable economic and social development in our operating territories through actions targeting local communities in the areas of education and access to mobility

Our objective is to make sustainable mobility a driver of global development and progress for everyone