Renault Samsung Motors vehicles

Renault Samsung Motors SM5

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"Also available as Renault Latitude and Renault Safrane. Launched in 2005 by the Renault group and restyled in late 2012, SM5 is a prestigious three-box family car. It has been sold outside South Korea since 2010 under the Renault brand."

Renault Samsung Motors SM3

Different casual luxury

Also available as Renault Fluence and in an electric version. SM3, launched in South Korea in 2009, is a compact sedan with modern body styling and a roomy interior. Forming the core of the Renault Samsung Motors range, it was upgraded with a new front end in 2012.

Renault Samsung Motors QM3

Also marketed as Renault Captur. Renault Samsung Motors QM3 is the brand’s biggest success. Extending the RSM range, the compact urban crossover based on Renault Captur was voted SUV of the Year in South Korea in 2014.

Renault Samsung Motors SM3 Z.E.

Formerly known as Fluence Z.E. SM3 Z.E. is the first all-electric sedan developed locally with South Korean partners. It was revealed at the Busan Motor Show in June 2013 and has been manufactured at Busan since end-2013.

Renault Samsung Motors QM5

Premium crossover

Renault Samsung Motors SM7

European prestige

Also available as Renault Talisman in China. Renault Samsung Motors launched the new-generation model in 2011, seven years after initial release, adding even more elegance and sophistication to the body styling.

Renault Samsung Motors SM6

European prestige

Known in Europe since July 2015 as Talisman, Groupe Renault's latest big saloon was revealed in South Korea under the name of SM6 on 13 January.
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