Renault PRO+ utility vehicles

Renault Master

The van with an answer to everything

Renault Master, unveiled in 1980, is the largest van in Renault’s lineup. With Trafic, it replaced the Renault Estafette launched in 1959. Master took on Renault’s new design identity in 2014.

Renault Trafic

A genuine user-friendly van

Renault renewed Trafic in 2014, continuing one of its biggest success stories, with 1.6 million units sold since 1980.

Renault Kangoo Express

Effortlessly flexible

Renault Kangoo is the epitome of sales success. Launched in 1997, Renault’s compact van has sold in over 1.6 million units worldwide. Renault renewed Kangoo in 2008, giving it three different lengths, and released an electric Z.E. version in 2011. In 2013, Kangoo Express adopted the brand’s new design identity.
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