Groupe Renault will be deploying a range of actions aimed at reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions from its EURO 6b diesel vehicles in customer use.

Renault EURO 6b diesel vehicles made from July 2016 will progressively benefit from this upgrade.  

Customers already having an EURO 6b diesel vehicles could ask to benefit from this changes through a network intervention. The customers concerned will be receiving full information by mail over the coming weeks.


    1. How can I tell whether my vehicle is a EURO 6b vehicle?
    This information appears in your vehicle registration certificate.


    2. Do these measures apply to petrol-engined cars?

    No: only Euro 6b diesel vehicles are concerned.


    3. Will my car still be compliant if I decline the proposed upgrade?

    Yes, your vehicle is compliant, as are all Groupe Renault vehicles.


    4. For vehicles made before July 2016, what does the upgrade involve?

    It involves reprogramming the injection controller. The operation can be carried out on request within our network.


    5. What would be the cost of the operation?

    This intervention will be free of charge.