Proportion within the group (in %)

 Proportion of women (in %)

 - incl France45,57937.9-
Euromed - Africa11,97810-
Pacific Asia4,3563.6-
 Total120,136100 18.8

Staff of Renault Group, December 31, 2015

2015 CO2 emissions

  • Scope 1: 643,558 CO2 tons

Scope 1 concerns direct greenhouse gas emissions from sources owned or controlled by the company (boilers, furnaces, turbines, incinerators, engines, etc.), fuel combustion as part of transportation operations by or for the company (cars, commercial vehicles, aircraft, boats, trains, etc.) and physical or chemical processes (e.g. in manufacturing cement, cracking in petrochemical processing, aluminum smelting, etc.).

  • Scope 2: 551,562 CO2 tons

Scope 2 concerns greenhouse gas emissions from the generation by another party of electricity, heat, cooling or steam that is purchased and consumed by the company. This is often described as “purchased electricity” as it represents the main source of scope 2 emissions.

  • CO2 quotas allocated annually to the Group's European sites (EU ETS 2008-2012): 447 441 CO2 tons (0,02% of allocated quotas on the European level)

Corporate Gouvernance

Renault has ten independent directors on its Board (out of 19).

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