To successfully meet its objectives and achieve top-level governance, Renault places great emphasis on striking a balance between management bodies, supervisory bodies and shareholders.

The Board of Directors 

Renault is governed by a Board of Directors comprising 19 members:

  • 15 directors appointed by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, including
    • 2 directors appointed upon proposal of Nissan;
    • 1 director appointed upon proposal of the employee shareholders, and
    • 1 director appointed upon proposal of the French State.
  • 1 director appointed by administrative order, as representative of the French State;
  • 3 directors elected by employees.

In accordance with the AFEP/MEDEF Code, a director is qualified independent if he has "no relationship of any kind whatsoever with the company, its group, or its management that may interfere with the exercise of his or her freedom of judgement".

On February 15th, 2018, the Board of Directors approved a list of 10 independent directors.

Further to the Annual General Meeting of June 15th, 2018, the list of 10 independent Directors would be: Mrs. Barba, Mrs. Bensalah Chaqroun, Mrs. Blair, Mrs. Darmaillac, Mr. Derez, Mr. Fleuriot, Mr. Lagayette, Mrs. Qiu, Mrs. Sourisse, et Mr. Thomas.

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Specialised committees  

Four specialised committees have been set up to carry out in-depth analysis of specific issues addressed by the Board. The Committees provide advice which is reported to the Board of Directors by their Chairman.

Risk management   

Groupe Renault has an active risk management policy. The aim is to anticipate and control as far as possible the risks arising from its activities and international development.


The Renault group’s accounts are audited by several audit firms.