Renault is governed by a Board made up of 19 members:

  • 13 directors appointed by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders ;
  • 2 directors appointed by administrative order, representing the French State ;
  • 3 directors elected by the personnel ;
  • 1 director appointed by the annual General Meeting of Shareholders at the recommendation of employee shareholders.

In accordance with the AFEP/MEDEF Code, a director is qualified independent if he has "no relationship of any kind with the company, its group, or its management liable to compromise the exercise of its freedom of judgement".

On February 12, 2014, the Board of Directors has drawn up the following list of 10 independent directors: Mrs de La Garanderie, Mrs Sourisse, Mr Belda, Mr de Croisset, Mr Delpit, Mr Desmarest, Mr Garnier, Mr Lagayette, Mr Riboud and Mr Ladreit de Lacharrière.

Mr Patrick Thomas was appointment independent director, replacing Mr Bernard Delpit, at the 2014 General Meeting.

Business of Renault Board

The Renault board collectively represents all shareholders and reports on this mission to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

The Board’s main tasks are:

  • Close annual and half-year accounts
  • Prepare the Annual General Meeting
  • Determine Renault strategy
  • Control company management and oversee the quality of information provided to shareholders, and markets, through accounts, and as required on very important operations
  • Proceed, as required, with examining the composition of the board, and carry out a yearly examination of its organization and operation; set the remuneration of corporate officers.

More information 

How long is a director’s term of office?

Directors serve for four years. (This also applies to directors elected by personnel and the director appointed by the annual General Meeting of Shareholders at the recommendation of employee shareholders, since the General Meeting of 29 April 2008.)

What is the average age of the administrators?


What are the qualities that Renault expects of its directors?

Experience with the company and the automotive industry, personal commitment to the work of the Board and its committees, a sound grasp of business and finance, courage to express minority opinions, international vision, integrity and loyalty.

Bylaws and Directors' Charter

In accordance with the recommendations of the 1995 Viénot report on corporate governance in France, which was supplemented by a second report published in July 1999, Renault's Board of Directors in 1996 adopted a system of bylaws and specialized committees.

Directors' fees

The Annual General Meeting may allocate directors' fees, the amount of which remains fixed until otherwise decided.

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