Four specialized committees have been formed to assist the Board with its duties and works. The composition of the committees and the choice of their respective chair are decided by the Board of Directors, upon recommendation of the Governance and Compensation Committee. The committee chairs report on the work and recommendation of their respective committee during the meetings of the Board of Directors.

Audit risks and compliance committee renault

Main duties

  • audit of the financial statements and financial information;
  • selection and monitoring of the Statutory Auditors’ performance;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of internal control and audit systems and procedures;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of systems and procedures assessing the risks of the Group.

Details regarding the Audit, Risks and Compliance Committee’s duties are presented in the Board Charter.


Governance and compensation committee

Main duties

  • selection of directors and composition of Committees;
  • preparation of the succession plan for the senior executive officers;
  • ensures proper operation of the Board and of the governing bodies and compliance with corporate governance rules;
  • recommendations to the Board on the compensation of senior executive officers and directors.

Details regarding the Governance and Compensation Committee’s duties are presented in the Board Charter.


Ethics and CSR committee renault

Main duties

  • ensures sufficient commitment in terms of extra-financial compliance, ethics and environmental and social responsibility;
  • examines Group’s policies, reference texts and charters;
  • review and assessment of procedures for reporting and controlling non-financial indicators;
  • promotes ethics rules within Group entities;
  • examines human resources policies.

Details regarding the Ethics and CSR Committee’s duties are presented in the Board Charter.


Strategy committee renault

Main duties

  • regularly reviews the overall strategy of the Group and the Alliance, including: 
  • mergers/acquisitions and agreements that have a material impact on the strategy of the Group and the Alliance;
  • product and technology development strategy;
  • competitiveness of production sites and of their supplier base;
  • growth, financial and geographical expansion strategy.

Details regarding the Strategy Committee’s duties are presented in the Board Charter.