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The fact is, you are no longer alone in your car. You are now connected to a vast ecosystem.
Director of the Commercial Range – Connected Vehicles

An Unprecedented Experience User-Focused Connectivity

Renault has always been a leader in innovation, making customers’ journeys smoother, people's lives better, and inspiring the future of transportation. Already a part of the Renault range, connected vehicles are a key component of this innovation strategy.

Fully committed to a human-centered and practical approach, Groupe Renault employs connected technology to give customers a mobility experience that is smarter, more harmonious and better integrated into their digital lives.


This translates to a complete range of personalized services and wallet-friendly solutions available to the owners and users of our vehicles.


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Making Driving Safer, More Enjoyable and Less Tiring

Integrated into a comprehensive system uniting drivers, passengers and their personal surroundings, connected vehicles give you the chance to easily customize your own personal mobility.

Find all your favorite applications and partners, stay connected to digital media, work and leisure activities, and get more done in less time, both in and out of your vehicle, on easy-to-use, intuitively designed interfaces—Renault connected services do all that and more.

Renault EASY CONNECT A Next-Generation Mobility and Connected Services Platform

With Renault EASY CONNECT, Renault delivers a range of next-generation mobility and connected vehicle services built to make driving and riding in the brand’s models safer, more fun and more efficient.

Discover below the advantages of Renault EASY CONNECT.

Connecting Your Smartphone to Your Car

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have been available in all models equipped with R-LINK Evolution (for Android Auto) or R-LINK 2 (for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay) since April 2017.

Interacting with Your Vehicle and Your Dealer

The brand-new MY Renault application can be used to remotely access your vehicle’s dashboard and a wide range of dealer services.

Connecting to Your Home and Your Lifestyle

With Renault EASY CONNECT, Renault aims to expand the brand’s connected ecosystem to the main devices and objects in the home, providing customers with the most integrated digital ecosystem on every screen, including in the car.

Connecting to Road and City Services

On the heels of Coyote, a smart driving application that debuted on R-LINK in 2016, Waze will now be hosted on the system through Android Auto. Renault is also offering three years of TomTom Live Traffic and three years of updates to maps of Europe in all new vehicles sold.

Connecting to the Top Carsharing Companies

Renault drivers who often carpool will soon be able to use their MY Renault application or the R-LINK 2 multimedia platform to connect to IDVroom (number one in France for short distances) for a truly integrated experience.
City Services
Carsharing Companies


MY Renault Application

A new connected application to manage your car remotely. Its main features fall into three categories: navigation continuity, remote management, and services and dealerships.


Smartphone Connectivity

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have been available in all models equipped with R-LINK Evolution (for Android Auto) or R-LINK 2 (for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay) since April 2017.


Waze on Display

Waze, the popular community-based navigation application, is now available on the touchscreens of the R-LINK Evolution and R-LINK 2 multimedia systems through Android Auto.


Improving Traffic Safety

As part of the SCOOP project, Renault is working with infrastructure management organizations, regional and local authorities, universities, and scientific and research institutions to connect cars to the road.

The pilot project for rolling out smart, cooperative transportation systems will make it possible to improve road safety and streamline traffic flows.

Advances in Autonomous Vehicles

As connected technologies make progress in terms of features and implementation, we move ever closer to the automation of driving that will ultimately culminate in autonomous vehicles.

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