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On the extremely competitive transport on demand market, Groupe Renault, via its RCI Bank & Services subsidiary, has taken up the challenge of environmental quality by buying back and re-launching Marcel, a ride-hailing company for the Paris region. Since September 2018, it has been using the Renault ZOE to provide its customers with environmentally responsible transport on demand.

To ensure the success of this service, known as, Groupe Renault and Marcel offer attractive conditions for the customers – from 5 euros per trip – and for the drivers. The costs of leasing and maintaining the ZOE are half those of a saloon and sales of the vehicle are guaranteed. So we can look forward with confidence to an expansion of the fleet, from 100 to 500 ZOEs, during 2019.


services mobilité partagée renault

Groupe Renault is offering a shared, electric mobility service in many European cities, via a fleet of over 8,000 electric vehicles.

With a free-floating car-share, a user can park their vehicle wherever they wish in a defined geographical area.

This service is offered by ZITY, in which we are a partner. This is an app that allows a driver to rent a car for a few minutes or for full days and, at the end of the rental period, leave it in any parking space they choose. Car-sharing Renault ZOEs are already operational on the streets of Madrid and Paris.

The principle is the same for Green Mobility in Copenhagen, Denmark (Renault ZOE fleet) and Totem Mobi, in Marseille and Montpellier, France, which operates Twizy vehicles.

And the Renault Mobility car-sharing app is being rolled out in France, in Caen, Châteauroux, Toulouse, etc. In Nice too, where we are the first operator to receive the city’s new “car-sharing” label. All told, the Renault Mobility offer is available at around 200 rental outlets. To meet drivers’ needs, the fleet comprises the entire range of Renault’s passenger and light utility vehicles.

Elsewhere in Europe, in the green quarter of Utrecht, Holland, Renault ZOEs managed by the We Drive Solar service have been available for car-sharing since the end of 2017. The special feature of these ZOEs is that they are powered by solar energy produced locally from solar panels fitted to the roofs of the neighbourhood.

From Norway’s fjords, to Italy and even in South America, Renault electric vehicles allow tourists to choose a form of mobility that helps to protect our environmental heritage.


2018 - Renault Mobility – IKEA - gamme vehicule - Kangoo Z.E. - ZOE - Master Z.E.

And how about car-sharing when you are out shopping? This is just what Ikea France has been offering since 2018 to help its customers to get furniture bought from the store back to their homes. This offer is also available at some Bricorama and Mr Bricolage DIY stores.

Renault has also signed a contract with the Ouest-France group for the introduction of a Renault Mobility car-sharing service. Initially, the service will be available to staff at the group’s head office in Rennes.


In France, besides the inhouse car-pooling platform designed for its employees, Groupe Renault has joined up with Klaxit, the #1 app for carpooling from home to work. Since 2014, the Technocentre's employees can share their trip directly via the app. They can thus find new car poolers easily and make savings on their daily journeys. More broadly, Renault is working to improve the car-pooling experience by carrying out research into digital tools and solutions that allow car pool operators to interface with their connected vehicles.

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