Renault ranks in the list of the most innovative companies in the world and stands as the carmaker that has most consistently introduced innovations since the start of automotive history. For Renault, innovating means designing and developing an affordable range of products and services that hold value for customers, and developing technologies that anticipate customer expectations. But it is also about creating the car of the future, by working on foresight and keeping a market watch.

Our priorities in innovation

To develop appealing and broadly affordable technologies, we work in three priority areas:


Renault innovations: autonomous vehicles and onboard multimedia systems 

The autonomous vehicle: within reach

The car of the future will undoubtedly be autonomous, spelling an end to motorway monotony and endless urban traffic jams. Renault will be taking you there step by step, with a series of safe assisted-driving solutions.


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An outward-looking approach to innovation

With hybrid vehicles now commonplace, autonomous and connected vehicles at the doorstep, digital systems all-pervasive, and innovation advancing at breakneck speed, cars are becoming so complex that an automaker needs an outward-looking approach, capable of seeking out talent from varied sources, and of taking up new working practices and new analytical methods.


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400 km travel range for ZOE: innovation for an attractive electric transport option

Consistent with its ambition of making electric transport the most attractive option available, Renault is innovating with a record 400 km travel range (NEDC) for ZOE with its new ZE 40 battery. The energy payload of 41 kWh is almost twice that of the standard 22 kWh battery.

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R240, Renault’s new electric motor

Renault’s innovative new R240 electric motor, powered by a battery under optimized electronic control, brings ZOE drivers a significant increase in everyday travel range: up by 30 km to 240 km (NEDC). And an upgrade to the Caméléon charging system shortens the vehicle charge time by around 10% at a domestic charging station.


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R-Link2, our integrated, connected, multimedia touchpad  

The R-Link2 vehicle control centre is overtly inspired by smartphone and tablet technology. There’s a large-format touchscreen, plus voice control, for operating an extensive range of vehicle functions, and there’s an  intuitive internet connection interface, enabling you to safely check your email or download applications from behind the wheel. R-Link2 offers ergonomic access to vehicle personalization menus, driver assistance systems, services such as Tom Tom navigation, sound system controls, digital device connections, and automobile application downloads from R-Link Store. 


Multi-Sense: personalize your driving experience

The Multi-Sense system coordinates onboard technologies to tune the car to driver and passenger preferences. Renault here has developed a system for personalizing driving mode and vehicle response, along with comfort and mood parameters, to offer an all-round choice of sensations, for unique driver pleasure and a new in-car experience.


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ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) 

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems fall into several categories depending on their purpose: to extend the driver’s field of vision, to warn of a loss of alertness, or to provide electronic co-driving functions, anti-collision systems or parking aids. Some of these systems are already available on our vehicles, including New Espace, to make life easier for drivers.

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