Travel range of 400 km NEDC with the ZE 40 battery: right now, and affordable

With its new ZE 40 battery, ZOE doubles its initial travel range, up to 400 km NEDC5, which means around 300 km under actual urban and near-urban driving conditions. ZOE goes farther on a single charge than any other popular electric vehicle on the market today. By lifting drivers’ concern over charging station availability, ZOE opens up a wider variety of usages

Renault’s angle on innovation is that it should be available to all, a criterion especially relevant to electric vehicles, which will only offer a real answer to environmental challenges if taken up at wide scale. Renault’s development work on all-electric vehicles marks a very considerable achievement, involving technological breakthrough in the automotive industry within the economic constraints inherent to broad market appeal.


Technological excellence

The main factor behind the 400 km NEDC travel range, aside from ZOE’s excellent energy efficiency, is the new battery co-developed by Renault and LG Chem.

The battery with the highest energy density

ZOE’s new ZE 40 battery, developed by close liaison between Renault and LG Chem, packs an energy payload of 41 kWh, almost twice the storage capacity of the 22 kWh unit. Its main innovation is the very high energy density, meaning a much higher storage capacity with no increase in size and very little increase in weight. ZOE’s new battery has the highest energy density on the market, bringing a two-fold increase in travel range with no change in vehicle structure or specifications (charge speed, performance, compatibility with different charging terminals), and, of course, no compromise on reliability or safety.

Excellent energy efficiency

The battery’s high energy capacity translates directly into vehicle travel range. ZOE with the ZE 40 battery has one of the highest ratios of NEDC travel range to battery energy payload.