Multi-Sense tunes vehicle technologies to individual preferences, adapting vehicle response, comfort and interior mood for a sport, comfort or economy emphasis.

Individualized sensations

Because the driving experience means different things to different people, Multi-Sense offers huge scope for personalization, with three preset modes, a neutral mode, and a fully configurable mode.rlink2_slider

  • Eco mode gives the best energy performance, optimizing fuel consumption for the most ecological and economic driving experience.
  • Comfort mode puts the emphasis on stability and peace of mind. The controlled suspension system, coupled with 4Control, smooths out irregular road surfaces. Calibrated steering enhances the sense of safety, sound and lighting are conducive to relaxation, not to mention the massage seats.
  • Sport mode optimizes response and agility. Engine, transmission, suspension and steering are tuned for crisp, coherent, precise, intense sensation. The interior mood, in red shades, matches the sporting inclination, and the engine noise takes on a sportslike roar.

Technology for immersive pleasure

Each of these modes develops a distinct driving sensation, controlling and coordinating engine, gearbox chassis technologies to customize vehicle response. At the same time, interior mood adjusts accordingly, with the settings applied to the instruments, engine noise, ambient lights and massage seats.