R-Link 2 is the new-generation multimedia tablet featured on Renault vehicles, with touchscreen or advanced voice control. With its new design, new functions and advanced ergonomics, R-Link 2 sits as the new vehicle control centre, a major design feature and a major contributor to the motoring experience.

The large touchscreen gives centralized fingertip access to key vehicle functions including the Multi-Sense system, driver assistance systems, air conditioning, seat position, multimedia and satnav.

In-car multimedia capabilities encompass: satnav, radio, phone, email, comfort options, eco-driving and rapid information access. In ergonomically centralizing a vast array of functions, R-Link 2 brings a radical reduction in the number of buttons and indicator lamps on the dashboard. It’s straightforward and intuitive to use, drawing inspiration from the familiar world of tablets and smartphones.

Simplifying the motoring experience

R-Link 2 carries through all the strengths of its predecessor, starting with ease of use: two-finger zoom, page scroll, drag-and-drop, etc. The interface is highly intuitive, with clear, simple graphics for rapid, efficient navigation.



R-Link 2 adapts to individual driver preferences via a simple, customizable interface, with controls split into four main themes on the home screen.


  • Navigation
  • Multimedia
  • Phone
  • Vehicle

Full menu of controls ordered by function: Navigation, with 3D display of Tom Tom maps; Multimedia, for listening to music and viewing photos or videos (with the car at standstill only); Phone, with Bluetooth hands-free function and read-out of text messages; and Vehicle, for vehicle controls.

The system can store six different user profiles, giving instant access to favourite and most-used functions for different drivers or different journey contexts. The profiles can be stored as private preferences, a useful feature for vehicles shared by different drivers.

Advanced connectivity


With its 2.75 G internet connection, R-Link2 gives rapid access to R-Link Store, a catalogue of services and applications specially designed for safe on-the-road use, such as Coyote Alerts, Michelin Applications, social networks and email read-out.