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115 years of motor sport emotion at the Rétromobile show

At this year’s Rétromobile vintage car show, Renault Classic is celebrating 115 years of motor sport emotion. The 17 historic cars in Renault’s 700-square-metre show space at the Paris Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre illustrate the breadth and diversity of Renault’s motor sport involvement over the last century and more.
by Groupe Renault

Renault and motor sport, a long and illustrious history

Renault and motor sport is like a long love story. To delight visitors with a panoramic view of Renault’s passionate approach to motor sport, Renault Classic is showing 17 vehicles covering the full spectrum of the company’s sporting prowess, spanning Formula 1, rally racing and the brand new Formula E series that brought Renault yet another championship title last year.

There’s something for every taste in vintage cars, starting with the famous Renault Type AK that won the first ever Grand Prix back in 1906, the original 1956 Étoile Filante with its mythical design, and the record-breaking 40 CV machine from 1926.



Intense motor sport: F1 and rally racing

Motor sport emotion starts with the rage to win, a sporting spirit that fits Renault perfectly. Without a doubt, the epitome of French motor sport panache has to be Alain Prost at the wheel of his powerful RE40, world vice-champion in 1983. That’s not to belittle Fernando Alonso, who took Renault to the soaring heights of motor sport superiority with his world champion R26 in 2006. Ten years later, in 2016 Renault is setting it sights on a second world championship title in the Formula E electric racing series.


Celebrating Renault’s rally heyday, there’s a 4CV and the A442B that Pironi and Jaussaud drove to victory in 1978.


Alpine, a motor sport legend

Enthusiasts of the legendary Alpine brand will also enjoy the three Alpines on show at Rétromobile: an A366, an A310 and an Alpine M65.

Alpine-M658 Alpine-A3666 Alpine-A310-groupe-V10

The Rétromobile show is at the Paris Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre till 7 February. Click here for opening times and access details.

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