Event | 01 October 2014

2014 Paris Motor Show: backstage at the Renault stand

Le stand Renault et Nouvel Espace baché
With just a couple of hours to go before the motor show opens, we're there at the Renault stand to see how the last-minute preparatives are going.
by Groupe Renault

“Busy” would probably be an understatement: the staff are hard at work getting everything shipshape before the first visitors come strolling along tomorrow morning. The cars are getting the full star treatment to ensure they look their very best under the spotlights. And there's a rehearsal going on for the press conference, which will be unveiling the brand new Renault Espace.

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Never a dull moment! But come and see for yourselves.

Follow Renault's press conference, live from Paris, at 11am (Paris time), on October 2, by clicking on this link : http://event.media.renault.com/Renault/021014/public/live/d/en/index.html