Cars | 10 March 2016

5 good reasons to buy Renault Scenic

New Scénic, unveiled on 23 February and presented in a world première at the Geneva Motor Show held from 3 to 13 March, has to win over customers in the compact MPV segment. With the recent growth of the crossover market with similar features, it's more and more hard to have a clear view. Numerous surveys were carried out in an effort to design a product that fits closely with customers' expectations. Here is its Top Five (in reverse order).
by Groupe Renault


Contrary to preconceived ideas, MPV buyers are keen first and foremost to find a car that appeals to them.

Design is now one of the leading criteria, so it should not be brushed aside. Customers may well look for an MPV for practical reasons, such as transporting families and luggage, but do not want the appearance of the vehicle to be entirely dictated by its function. For a long time the MPV was regarded as a practical choice, but nowadays it must also be a vehicle that sparks love at first sight. New Scénic was designed to respond to that demand with its dynamic, flowing lines and unusual proportions.


The large 20-inch wheels fitted as standard, crossover measurements and two-tone bodywork make a complete break from the segment's conventional design codes. 


An MPV should not, however, deny its fundamentals – and comfort is obviously one of them. Contoured seats, a convivial central area, easy and intuitive to drive: that's what customers want from a compact MPV. New Scénic offers them a level of comfort in line with their expectations. On the road, especially: well-being at the wheel is optimised thanks to Multi-Sense technology, and particular attention was paid to the seats to ensure the comfort of all occupants. The front seats have the same structure as those in New Espace, and are filled with double-density foam.



Cost remains an important criterion for 20% of customers in the segment. Scénic is aimed at families and active older people who are prepared to spend an average of €24,000 to acquire a compact MPV that complies with the above criteria. Although the price details are still under wraps at the moment, one thing is certain: customers are watching their budgets, especially when it comes to the cost of fuel. With A-class tyres and leading-edge aerodynamics, New Scénic's fuel consumption is sure to stay under control.


Rather than pure space, it is the various interior layout options that appeal to MPV buyers. Every corner of the New Scénic cabin has been used to free up as much room as possible, and its 63 litres of stowage space (excluding the boot volume) make it the leader in the segment.

The "Easy Life" drawer alone, which serves as a glovebox, has a capacity of 11.5 litres. The boot can accommodate more luggage than the previous version (572 litres, which is 26 litres more than Scénic 3). Thanks to the airline-style tablets in the back, children and adults can place their telephones or games consoles in specially designed holders.


And you no longer need to remove the seats to obtain a flat floorpan and larger loading area. The "One Touch Folding" system, taken from the segment above, allows the seats to be folded down automatically in an instant. In the range-topping versions, this is done by an electric control. A sliding rear bench was preferred to independent seats to give all three passengers the same amount of room.


People buy an MPV first and foremost because they are convinced it is the best option. Many customers return to this type of vehicle, generation after generation. For instance, 44% chose Scénic III because they were ardent supporters of the concept. Of all the compact MPVs available on the market, it's the vehicle to which buyers become most attached.