Corporate | 24 May 2016

500 hires in Renault Manufacturing for 2016

We spoke with Renault's manufacturing chief, José Vicente de los Mozos, about the announced recruitment wave totalling 500 new hires in French production facilities for 2016, consistent with the group's growth outlook.
by Caroline De Beaumont

Hello José.

For the second year running, you’ll be recruiting people on permanent contracts in Manufacturing in France. What exactly are the challenges, present and future, that you’re addressing here?

That’s right: we’ll be hiring a further 500 people in our French production facilities this year. That will make a thousand people in all between 2015 and 2016. If we’re able to do this, it’s largely because of the measures ensuing from signature of the growth and social development agreement Renault signed in 2013 with three trade unions (CFE-CGC, CFDT and FO). This agreement enabled us to boost the performance of our French production facilities, making them more attractive for taking on new vehicle and powertrain projects.

Trafic, Talisman, Espace and the new electric motor are some of the new products that have been assigned for manufacture at our French factories. With these assignments, and market success for the Renault range, business for our French plants has seen a sharp rise, bringing a need for larger teams and broader skills ranges at many industrial sites. Quite simply, we’re aiming for the highest plant performance in the automotive industry. The challenges facing the production system of the future are in competitive performance, flexibility and response capacity. In addition, we’re intent on offering our employees the best possible working conditions: rewarding, reassuring and motivating.


Zoé number 50,000 rolls off the Flins production line.


What types of vacancies are open, and what profiles are you looking for?

Vacancies at our French production facilities span all categories: production personnel, technicians, engineers and managers. And they address both newly qualified youngsters and people in mid-career, with qualifications at all levels.


What are the implications of Renault’s insistence on improving gender balance? Specifically, what do the new vacancies offer for young women, and how does a better gender balance improve production team performance?

Personnel diversity is an important performance factor group-wide, and that includes the production function. An organization reaps very considerable benefit from a broad span of profiles, ages, experiences, genders, backgrounds and origins. The proportion of women at our production facilities is traditionally lower than across the Renault group as a whole. That’s mainly because of the automotive industry’s age-old image as a tough, predominantly masculine, environment. This image should be definitively consigned to the past, among other reasons because working conditions have greatly changed in the past twenty or thirty years, with the major emphasis on workstation ergonomics.

Our recruitment policy includes an insistence on improved gender balance in the production function. Specifically, we want to recruit 30% women in technical functions, ranging from workstation operators through to technicians and managers. The drive toward balance and diversity in the working environment, begun with the 2015 recruitment campaign, has yielded definite results in both performance and quality.


What career prospects can the young recruits expect at Renault’s production plants?

Our organizations adapt to keep pace with the constantly changing shape of society. To accommodate new technologies we need new skills, and this means training. Then to face up to intensifying competition across the automotive industry, we develop closer ties with our partner Nissan. Both of these phenomena make for a wealth of opportunity for people joining our group today. The notion of varied career paths has always been an integral part of Renault’s corporate culture, and production functions offer huge career development scope for motivated people achieving quality results.


Are all Groupe Renault industrial sites in France recruiting today? Can applicants apply directly to the plant they’re interested in?

This year’s recruitment programme extends to most of our French production facilities. The best way to submit applications is online, at, where applicants can view the vacancies and apply for the ones they’re interested in. We have very high ambitions for Renault manufacturing, and we need determined, motivated people to help us make the Renault group a major automotive industry player in the years to come.


Thank you for keeping us up date on that, Jose!

Click here to get full vacancy details.

And view the videos on the manufacting jobs.


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