Event | 10 September 2014

71st Venice Film Festival: World’s most star-studded test drive

Al Pacino
by Groupe Renault


Pity the paparazzi…

They didn’t know where to point their cameras! To capture the masterly presence of Al Pacino? Or his automotive counterpart, the purposeful Renault Espace ?

Look, here comes Owen Wilson! And Catherine Deneuve! Hey, isn’t that a Renault Latitude?

Catherine Deneuve devant une Renault Latitude

Click-click-click, flash!

Wherever you looked, backless gowns competed for attention with the cheeky pert curves of the new Twingo. Its appearance on the red carpet was a tantalizing sneak preview for fans of the world’s tightest turning circle ever.

The surprising new Twingo showed its pretty fresh face, having undergone major surgery far beyond a cosmetic facelift. In fact she owes her renewed youthful vigour to the relocated engine which now graces the rear, instead of the front.

Julie Gayet in front of a Twingo

World première

For this 71st Venice Film Festival, it was the first time Renault has been honoured as official transporter for the stars. It is a role Renault has longed to play.  

Indeed, Renault has always been there since cinema’s earliest beginnings. Ever since the Lumière brothers set up the world’s first film studio next door to the Renault factory in the 1880s. Rumour has it, there is even footage shot by the Lumières in 1899 of Louis Renault at the wheel of his Voiturette Type A…


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