Innovation | 04 December 2018

A Drive With: Groupe Renault takes the floor

Groupe Renault’s first podcast is called “a Drive With”. In the podcast, designers and experts in the field of electric, connected and autonomous vehicles share their viewpoint on mobility and their role at Groupe Renault.
by Thomas AUDEBERT

In a Groupe Renault first, a series of podcasts was recorded at the Paris Motor Show from October 4 to 14, 2018 in partnership with the We Are Social media agency. In the “a Drive With” podcast season, our experts on design, collected and connected cars and innovation share their experience and convictions in a simple and direct conversation.

Two episodes already available

The first episode of “a Drive With” features Yasu Jordan Sato, a designer having worked on the Renault EZ-ULTIMO concept car. How is design efficiency born from technical constraints? And how can design make a vehicle more sustainable? Find out more with Yasu!

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The second installment of “a Drive With” stars Guillaume Eurin, an autonomous vehicle specialist. Autonomous driving, in which drivers let go of the wheel and “forget” about the road, is a subject that stirs the imagination. Everything you always wanted to know about autonomous cars but never dared to ask!

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The podcasts are available on Soundcloud, Itunes and Spotify.

Podcasts all the rage

With nearly 4 million monthly listens, podcasts are increasingly part of our everyday lives. Listened to while driving, in the kitchen or just before bedtime, they stand as a special, almost intimate, moment between listeners and programs. With the new podcast format, Groupe Renault is creating a new way to conceive of the future of mobility by sharing the opinions of the men and women involved.

The format is reminiscent of another. At this year’s Paris Motor Show, Groupe Renault presented AEX (short for “augmented editorial experience”). Created as part of an initial collaborative effort with the editorial teams at Groupe Challenges, AEX combines premium editorial content and immersive experiences on board vehicles.

The car of the future, more connected and autonomous, will do more than simply get you from A to B. To take customization to new heights, AEX aims to provide passengers with a range of content suiting their tastes, from science and history to economics and politics. Through voice interaction and reproduction, passengers will be able to browse the content, pause it and share it on their networks during their journeys and beyond, by switching to another connected device.

Be it through podcasts or AEX, Groupe Renault is most definitely expressing its voice!

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