Corporate | 24 June 2013

Alpine, a legend is born again

by Groupe Renault

Who would have thought that the renowned brand would come back to thrills fans once again?

Alpine made its proud return to the Le Mans 24-hour event, 35 years after its victory in 1978. Naturally, this was just a glimpse of the future. We will have to wait a few years to discover the new production model created through the rebirth of the brand.


 Fans can be reassured. Alpine is not aiming to follow the trend for vintage models but rather to bring the brand back to life and give it the contemporary edge that made so many people want to drive and/or support its cars.

Jean Rédélé, founder of the brand in 1955, paved the way for a lasting passion in creating a legend.For those of you who might still be wondering where the name "Alpine" came from, let me tell you the story again, in the words of the founder: "I had the most fun driving around the Alps in my Renault 4CV. That's why I decided to call my cars Alpine".


The commercial activity of the brand ended in 1995, following a career running from the Alpine A 106 to the Alpine A 610 via legendary models such as the Alpine A 110 'Berlinette' and Renault 5 Alpine.



Alpine was born from the passion of a man and his staff for racing, and their commitment to building a car in which customers would enjoy the same fun as the founder with his Renault 4 CV on Alpine roads. This history was largely written at the Dieppe plant in France. It is here, in the brand's historic birthplace, that Alpine will continue to touch our imagination, under the management of Bernard Ollivier, the new CEO of Alpine-Caterham.

Many people will be following the adventures of this legend with great pleasure and considerable impatience!

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