Cars | 04 September 2014

Anywhere, everywhere: discover the Twingo advertising campaign by Kuntzel+Deygas

Nothing is impossible for Twingo. It can ride on an elephant, zigzag through a row of handbags or get into a pair of shoes…. Or at least it can in the fantastic world created by visual artists Kuntzel and Deygas for its latest advertising campaign.
by Groupe Renault

campagne publicitaire de nouvelle Twingo

Celebrated for the opening credits of the Steven Spielberg film “Catch Me If you Can”, and the latest “Little Black Dress”  campaign by Guerlain, the duo have now placed their talents at the service of New Twingo, inventing a graphic style made to measure for this city car.

extrait de la campagne publicitaire Twing by Kuntzel et Deygas

Twingo becomes the heroine of a colourful urban adventure, which we will leave you to discover for yourself!

Go anywhere, go everywhere with New Twingo