Corporate | 06 December 2013

Dacia on the road club in Italy

Dacia launched its Dacia On The Road loyalty club in Italy in July. Via that website, customers can access the many advantages Dacia provides for them and get advance notice of the latest news.
by Groupe Renault

The Dacia On The Road Club was inaugurated in Italy on July 1, 2013. It offers customers a number of services:

  • Dacia World, to get advance notice of the brand’s latest news;
  • Dacia&You, to participate in the many online activities, take advantage of special offers from exclusive partners and sign up for Dacia events;
  • MyDacia, to help customers manage the ownership of their Dacia vehicles online, access dedicated after-sales products and services, and purchase Dacia merchandise online.

 Club Dacia

Since it was launched in July 2013, the website has attracted more than 25,000 visitors and doubled its number of registered users. Similar websites have been created in other countries, such as Belgium and Ireland.

To promote the launch of the website, Dacia held a celebration in August, featuring concerts, test drives of Dacia vehicles. More than 5,000 people took part in the festivities.

Discover Italy’s Club Dacia On The Road website and Belgium’s Dacia Cherry Club website.

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