Event | 05 September 2018

A unique gathering: Dacia Picnic 2018

2018 - Dacia picnic - sky view
Almost 35,000 people! Once again, Dacia picnic united thousands of fans from all over Europe. It is a unique event, showing the success of the brand, which celebrates 5 million vehicles sold. Flashback to a memorable summer gathering.
by Charisse Babouche

An unprecedented gathering  

At the beginning of July, there were almost 10,000 people at Chaalis Abbey, about sixty kilometers from Paris. For ten years, thousands of fans have been meeting every summer in France for Dacia Picnic.

This craze is now reaching beyond French borders. This year, eight countries participated: Germany, Denmark, Slovakia, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Sweden, bringing together almost 35,000 participants!

2018 - Dacia picnic - circus entertainmentThe idea? Dacia owners are invited to a giant (and free) picnic organized by the brand. The program? A multitude of activities in original places (an amusement park, an abbey, etc.). This remarkable event attracts new countries and seduces more and more fans every year. Belgium organized its first picnic at the Couleur Café Festival, welcoming 500 Dacia Cherry Club members and their families.

2018 - Dacia picnic in situation

Simplicity and generosity

Through original shows featuring fans such as the Dacia Talents in France or emerging local artists, such as pop-rock group Chinaski in the Czech Republic, Dacia stays closely focused on its customers. With activities, games and test drives as well as concerts and shows, everything is done to entertain all generations.

Staying true to the brand’s values of generosity and simplicity, the Dacia picnic provides a convivial moment and an opportunity to thank a loyal community of fans.

2018 - Dacia picnic animations

A tremendous success!

Born in Romania 50 years ago, Dacia has continuously attracted new customers since the renewal of its range in 2004. Cornerstone of Groupe Renault and its Drive the Future plan, the brand’s promise is simple: reliable and modern vehicles sold at an attractive price.

This year, the picnic had a special meaning as the brand reached the milestone of 5 million vehicle sales. A true success story!

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