Innovation | 12 October 2018

Developing a cleaner, smoother, more efficient form of mobility

Portrait of Patrick Vergelas - Renault Mobility
Head of Renault Mobility Services at Alliance Business Development, Mobility Services, Patrick Vergelas explains Groupe Renault’s vision of the shared mobility of tomorrow. He backs up this vision with the three robo-vehicle concepts—EZ-GO, EZ-PRO and EZ-ULTIMO—presented this year.
by Emmanuel GENTY

What is Groupe Renault's vision of the future of mobility?

Groupe Renault's vision of the future of mobility was set out in our Drive the Future 2017-2022 plan, with the aim of delivering sustainable mobility for everyone. It is founded on four pillars: electric mobility, connected mobility, autonomous mobility and shared mobility.

As an expression of this vision of the future of mobility services, throughout 2018 Renault decided to present three robo-vehicle concepts capable, each in their own way, of providing a shared, electric mobility service: EZ-GO in Geneva in March, EZ-PRO in Hanover in September, and EZ-ULTIMO in Paris in October.

What is the role of each of these concepts?

EZ-GO is our first vision of the robo-vehicle, one that delivers mobility services to everybody in the city. This mobility is electric and very much shared, offering our customers a smoother, more affordable mobility service for a city that is more efficient and pleasant.

2018 - Renault EZ-Go Concept-Car in situation in the cityEZ-PRO offers the opportunity to rethink the mobility of goods in the city, focusing on the strategic challenge of last-mile delivery. The modularity of the robo-pods and the EZ-PRO pod leader make them effective for all kinds of deliveries, from the parcel you ordered online to store replenishment. They also meet the needs of professionals and self-employed tradespeople because they can, for example, be converted into food trucks to provide roaming services in the city of tomorrow.

2018 - Renault EZ-Pro Concept-CarWith EZ-ULTIMO, as well as a journey from A to B, customer-passengers can enjoy a premium automobile experience with their guest riders in an exclusive, private setting. They can use the vehicle for one journey or book it for several hours. This service can be offered as an extension of a journey by an airline, a hotel, a mobile office for a business trip, or as a tourism experience in its own right by a club, with riders visiting several sites in succession, keeping their belongings and purchases in “their” EZ-ULTIMO.

2018 - Renault EZ-Ultimo Concept-Car static

What will the mobility of tomorrow look like?

Groupe Renault's goal is to develop electric, shared mobility for a smoother and more environmentally-friendly mobility service, in order to make the city more pleasant and more efficient.

Ultimately, though, the mobility of tomorrow is already here! Thanks to its range of electric vehicles (Twizy, ZOE, Kangoo Z.E. and Master Z.E. in Europe) and its new mobility services (Renault Mobility, Marcel and its ZOE-based offering, Moov’in.Paris with ADA, the M2I car-sharing project with Ile de France Mobilité, etc.), Groupe Renault is already making its contribution to these new forms of mobility.

Our three concept cars illustrate the next steps in an electric, connected, autonomous and shared mobility to make life easier for our customers as they travel around the city, and together to shape a city that gets more things done, is more efficient for everybody, and more pleasant.

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