Innovation | 15 March 2012

The smartest Renault engine ever! Meet Energy TCe 90, Renault's first 3-cylinder engine

by Groupe Renault

The 2012 Geneva Motor Show gave Renault the opportunity to introduce its first 3-cylinder engine, and the Energy family's latest: Energy TCe 90. This engine will equip new Renault Clio 4 and progressively replace current TCe 100.

With the launch of this second engine (the first being the Energy TCe 115), the Energy TCe family marks a fresh development in Renault's petrol engine strategy and is expected to account for 85% of the brand's petrol engine sales in Europe by 2015.  

Super efficient and a fuel economy champion

What are this powertrain's best assets ?

  • Class-leading petrol engine efficiency thanks to a downsizing to three cylinders: with friction reduced by 20% compared with a 4-cylinder engine architecture, the 3-cylinder pulser (combined with a longer exhaust phase) twice as powerful as that of an equivalent 4-cylinder engine, resulting in fuel consumption savings.
  • The best driving enjoyment/fuel economy equation, thanks to a very low inertia turbo (the lowest on the market) combined with Variable Valve Timing (VVT)
  • 90 hp at 5,000 rpm and torque of 135 Nm available across a broad rev-band, delivering smooth response from low engine speeds.
  • Fuel economy champion: fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are slashed by 25 % (in NEDC combined cycle) compared to the engine it replaces.
  • User cost is reduced: from -20 % to -50 % (depending on countries). In Germany, Portugal, or Romania for instance, the customer will pay less taxes reduced related to cylinder level, when buying a car.  He'll also spend less on gas and pay less taxes related to CO2 emissions (depending on countries).
  • In terms of technologies, it features the Stop & Start technology, braking energy recovery, a variable displacement oil pumpthermomanagement, and a high tumble effect (for fast, stable combustion), etc.

Other newbie, the Energy dCi 90 engine

Last-born of the family and also introduced in Geneva, the Energy dCi 90 engine derives from the Energy dCi 110 engine.

Thanks to this engine (also available on Clio 4), Kangoo becomes the most fuel-efficient 'ludospace' in its class, boasting record low fuel consumption of just 4,4l/100km (NEDC combined cycle) and CO2 emissions of 115g/km, down16 % (homologated fuel consumption and emissions).

These two 90 hp engines, will bring to 8 the total number of Energy powertrains on the market, launched in only 16 months.

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