Corporate | 08 June 2015

Five questions for Jean Agulhon, human resources director for France

In February, Renault announced it would be recruiting 1,000 people on permanent employment contracts in France in 2015, one half in production functions and the other half in services and engineering. The good news received broad press coverage in France and further afield. Three months on, we asked Jean Agulhon, human resources director for France, how the project was advancing.
by Groupe Renault
Hello Jean! In February Renault announced the very good news that it would be recruiting a thousand people on permanent employment contracts and a further thousand apprentices. What's the score three months later? How many CVs have you received so far?

We've received more than five thousand CVs, which is also good news, because it proves that Renault is still an attractive company to work for, even though we've been recruiting very little in the last few years. It also shows that the automotive industry, despite the major changes it is going through, has lost none of its thrill.

Were you expecting this kind of interest? And how are you managing to process such a large volume of applications?

We're not exactly surprised by the response, and we're ready to reply to all the applications received so far, and to those yet to come. We have a team that's been working on this for a few months already, and we're also working with recruitment firms, above all to help us locate highly specialized profiles in areas such as onboard connectivity and powertrain design. We're especially interested in people with skills in digital technologies.

What's the percentage of women applicants?

Not enough so far! As well as rejuvenating our workforce and giving it a more international scope, we also see this recruitment drive as an opportunity for increasing the proportion of women on the Renault payroll in general, and in higher positions on the career ladder in particular. The automotive industry is not yet sufficiently attractive to women, and that's a pity. Just take a look at some of the recent verbatims from our new women recruits for a great example of contagious enthusiasm. Among the 1,000 new recruits on this programme, we're hoping to see 50% women in service functions, and 30% in engineering and manufacturing (compared with a population of 20% women in engineering schools).

What's the typical profile of someone applying to work for Renault?

There's no one typical profile. Applicants reflect the diversity of Renault customers and automotive enthusiasts. There are a lot of young people, as you might expect, but there are also a lot of more experienced people, of just about every age and background.

What are the human qualities you're looking for?

We're looking for people who are curious and open to new ideas. Maybe they have some kind of international experience, even if it's just as a student, because ours is a multi-cultural environment. They should be ready, willing and eager to take up the very considerable technological challenges we'll be facing. This means a capacity to innovate and work together in an industry that is undergoing major changes.

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