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Geneva Motor Show 2013: Renault Scénic Xmod for new adventures

At the Geneva 2013 Motor Show, Europe's best-selling MPV is getting a makeover and is now even more expressive. The Scénic family last-born are available, as a world premiere, on the Renault stand: several Scénic Xmod, which we got a preview of in February, and a restyled New Scénic, featuring new front-end styling with a bigger Renault logo set against a gloss black background. Here are the first pictures live from the Renault stand.
by Groupe Renault


Scénic Xmod with crossover features

Scénic Xmod has the best of both worlds: MPV, retaining the genetic make-up of Renault Scénic, and crossover with outdoor cues.

On the adventurer side, Scénic Xmod features raised ground clearance, special front and rear bumpers, sill guards and chrome-finish roof bars (depending on equipment level).



The cabin has been restyled with a fixed centre console and cockpit-like driving position. The console houses the rotary control for the Extended Grip system, as well as the multi-directional joystick control for the multimedia system Renault R-Link.



Joystick control for R-Link system, that you can use while driving (or when you can't reach the tactile screen)


Rotary control for Extended Grip system

On the MPV side, Scénic Xmod retains the key features that have made Scénic the benchmark in the compact MPV segment, i.e. cabin space and a modular seat layout for optimum comfort. It has a 555-litre boot and 71 litres of additional stowage space throughouth the cabin. Scénic Xmod offers simple, effective and fast modularity: the seats are independent, folding and removable to provide a host of seating configurations.


555 L boot so you can put junk in that trunk

The biggest innovation on Scénic Xmod is newExtended Grip system.

This advanced traction control system enables the vehicle to grip the road confidently in difficult driving conditions (snow, mud, sand, etc.). The rotary control located on the centre console allows the driver to select one of three modes: ‘Road’, ‘Loose Ground’ or ‘Expert’.


The default ‘Road’ mode suits all hard road surfaces (dry, wet or icy) and offers conventional traction control settings. It automatically reconnects at speeds of more than 40kph after another mode has been selected. In the ‘Loose Ground’ mode, the Extended Grip system takes over from the driver to manage the driven wheels. This mode automatically modifies engine torque and brake force distribution to permit more wheel spin at the front. In ‘Expert’ mode, Extended Grip manages the braking system, but leaves the driver in full control of the engine torque to adjust the car’s acceleration.

The New Scénic and New Grand Scénic's look is changing too. On top of the new front-end identity, they feature new Energy engines including latest  petrol engine Energy TCe 130, and Energy TCe 115, Energy dCi 130, Energy dCi 110 engines.


During Geneva Motor Show press days, we organized a Q&A session on Twitter (#Scenic) with Vincent Carre, Scénic product manager, here is a summary :


Q: why did you decide to restyle current #Scenic range instead of waiting for the new one to come out? #Geneva #SIAG #Renault

A: it was #Renault’s decision to deploy new brand identity (seen on #Clio) on all key models of the range, like #Scenic asap #Geneva #SIAG

Q: Why is #Scenic Xmod not offered with a 3rd row of seats (7 seats)? #Renault #Geneva #SIAG

A: Customers of #Scenic Xmod are more into an Adventurer design so 7 seats do not fit with that image #Geneva #SIAG #Renault

Q: Where does #Scenic Xmod’s name come from? #Renault #SIAG #Geneva

A: It comes from X (cross) + that’s how the Italians called #Scenic (short version), so we used that for our adventurer #Scenic #Renault #Geneva #SIAG

Q: Aren’t #Scenic Xmod customers going to be the same as for #Captur? #Renault #SIAG #Geneva

A: Not the same customers because the cars are different sizes & #Scenic Xmod will target larger families #Renault #Geneva #SIAG

Q: Will the extended grip available on #Scenic be available on other #Renault cars? #Geneva #SIAG

A: Extended grip will be soon be available on #Captur & maybe other #Renault cars #Geneva #SIAG

photo credit: Olivier Martin Gambier & Renault Communication

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