Innovation | 20 June 2016

Get clicking: Renault’s Virtual Showroom opens in Russia

Encouraged by successful sales performance through various online platform versions, Renault today operates the Virtual Live Showroom, a concept launched in India then China, and recently opened in Russia, with brand new Renault Kaptur leading the line-up on the digital forecourt.
by Groupe Renault


Is it a website, an application, an online shop?

Renault’s virtual showroom is all these things in one. It’s an e-commerce website offering customers direct access to our vehicles via a digital platform. It opened in India in 2015 then in China on 18 March 2016. And it’s now online in Russia, starring Renault Kaptur.


How about buying your next car from the comfort of your sofa?

The Renault Virtual Showroom makes this a most attractive and realistic proposition. It offers realtime online access to a sales advisor, fully detailed inside and outside views of Renault vehicles, plus test-drive booking and online purchase functions.




As Dimitri Achache-Bonifacio, Groupe Renault e-commerce chief, explains, “customers can view detailed vehicle presentations from home, and chat with a sale advisor, even outside usual dealership opening hours”.

This kind of platform brings real convenience. It saves time, and helps customers with their price comparisons. And it offers an intuitive, interactive and personalized experience, plus round-the-clock service and purchase facilities


Key figures on the virtual showroom:


- More than 400,000 visits to the platform in both India and China
- Six live shows per day in India, over three months
- From three to six live shows per day in China since 18 March


Car purchase via the Renault Virtual Showroom promises clear price conditions, with no hidden extras, and on some markets it guarantees customers priority delivery of their chosen vehicles. 

On release of a new vehicle, customers can immediately examine the car down to the tiniest detail, even before it reaches the dealer network showrooms. And they can reserve their cars for priority delivery.


Great take-up of Virtual Showroom in China

With opening of its first Chinese production facility, in Wuhan in early February 2016, and launch of Renault Kadjar in March 2016, the Chinese market takes on major importance for Renault, especially in the SUV segment, which accounts for close to 30% of the Chinese market, at 13.8 million vehicles.




Visitors to the Chinese Virtual Showroom can sign up to view five 20-minute live shows daily, including a 10-minute presentation on Kadjar, a 3-minute commercial break and a 7-minute feature of answers to questions asked via live chat by visitors who have signed in.


In large countries like China, India, Russia, Brazil and Australia, some customers can be hours away from the nearest dealership. So this service brings real convenience for people who might be unfamiliar with the Renault brand, or who need questions answering before going ahead with a purchase decision.” - Dimitri Achache-Bonifacio, Groupe Renault e-commerce chief



E-commerce, a forward-looking development for Renault

With its Virtual Showroom, Renault is extending its digital capillarity to fill in the physical and conceptual gaps between its traditional brick-and-mortar outlets.


This concept opens opportunities for Renault at what we might describe as a major traffic crossroads. It enables us to reach new customers.’ - Dimitri Achache-Bonifacio, Groupe Renault e-commerce chief


What’s next?

In the coming months the concept will be adapted for rollout to other countries, including France, Brazil, Korea and Australia, prioritized on the basis of opportunity, digital maturity and local Renault vehicle launch schedules.

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