Event | 07 March 2017

#GIMS 2017: ZOE e-Sport, an electric concept car bursting with energy

Renault launches its new electric concept car ZOE e-Sport, starring at Geneva Motor Show. Just imagine Renault ZOE metamorphosing into a sportscar!
by Caroline De Beaumont

Unmistakable link with big sister, the Renault e.dams Formula-E racer

Renault’s new electric concept car, ZOE e-Sport, draws overt inspiration from its big sister, starting with the famous satin blue livery of the Renault e.dams racer, with yellow splashes on the wing mirrors and bumper trims.

2017 - Groupe Renault electric concept car ZOE e-sport

The motorsport connection —speed, response, road-hugging— shows through in the car’s structure too: carbon fibre body, light weight (1,400 kg including batteries), flat floor and air diffuser. It’s all there! And the tubular steel roll cage means ZOE e-Sport really can take to the racetrack!

The brief for the Renault ZOE e- Sport Concept couldn’t have been simpler: ‘Have fun!’. So we came up with something midway between a production model and a racing car. It’s perfect for lovers of extreme driving sensations!”

Stéphane Janin – concept car design director

Energy efficiency from Renault motorsport design experts

ZOE e-Sport’s power plant was developed by engineers from Renault Sport Racing, the people behind our winning performance in the FIA Formula E championship. So it’s directly derived from racetrack-capable technologies.

2017 - Groupe Renault electric concept car ZOE e-sport

Two motors, one at the front and one at the rear, deliver total power of 340 kW, or 460 bhp. As in Formula E, high-capacity permanent magnet technology maximizes energy efficiency. And there are two batteries (with a total storage capacity of 40 kWh), to make the most of this power.

The ZOE e-Sport Concept also benefits from Renault’s Formula E experience in power-to-wheel optimization and delivery of full potential at all times.


Chassis system designed with Renault Sport Cars expertise

Design and adjustment work on ZOE e-Sport Concept reaped the full benefit of expert input from Renault Sport Cars specialists in production sportscars.

2017 - Groupe Renault electric concept car ZOE e-sport

High performance was achieved through design features such as tubular steel chassis, low ride height, double wishbone suspension front and rear, 20” wheels, large brake disks and four-way adjustable dampers.


Exceptional performance figures for ZOE e-Sport Concept

  • ZOE e-Sport leaps to 100 km/h from standstill in 3.2 seconds, about as sharply as any electric vehicle today
  • Unbeatable weight/power ratio
  • Torque of 640 Nm available almost immediately, with the electric motor delivering full power from startup

This all adds up to virtually instant response (a matter of a fraction of a second) to the driver’s every slightest action.

Come and see for yourself (you can’t miss it!) at the Renault stand at the Geneva Motor Show.

Watch again the Renault press conference from Geneva International Motor Show:

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